Kind of an intense day…

Kind of an intense day of both writing and parenting. I managed to revise a chapter of the YA, talking out some of my concerns with Jed, who mostly thinks I shouldn't worry about them so much, and should just write. Hmm... more and more people are saying that. Maybe I should just write and stop fretting so much. I'm having a tough time with that, though. After what happened with the novel....ah, well. Time and past time to put that all behind me. I'm glad I got some creative work done today.

Then we came back to the house to eat lunch with Kevin (and so I could pump) and found that Kavi was just about to have a full-fledged meltdown. Kev and I spent about half an hour trying and mostly failing to soothe her while she howled her little lungs out, and we started to get really worried. She really isn't a loud baby normally, and doesn't scream without reason. I even called my dad, just in case it was something medical (and also to see whether my mom had any ideas). Well, while I was on the phone with them (and my dad started talking about infants and bowel obstructions and intestines and other scary things), Kavi finally condescended to take a bottle, ate for five minutes, and then promptly fell asleep. I *think* what was going on was that she was almost too tired to eat (hence refusing our earlier attempts to give her the bottle), but she was too hungry to fall asleep. Poor munchkin. She's been a bit grinchy the rest of the day, but not too bad. The howling was scary, though. We thought maybe she'd really hurt herself somehow and we just hadn't noticed.

After she fell asleep, I managed to get a bit more work done. One of my writer friends has started up a small boutique editorial business, and while chatting, I mentioned that if she ever had extra work, she might want to send it my way. As it turned out, she was under a tight deadline, and so Monday and today I spent a few hours working on some editing and copywriting for her. The books are crafty/design-ish type books, the kind with lots of beautiful photos, that I am always tempted by at the store. So while I don't think I'd want to do this full-time, it's pretty neat to work on it for a bit. It's not deathless prose, but hey, it's fun. And since I don't get paid by Northwestern 'til I start teaching for them in January, it's nice for me to bring in a tiny bit of income for the family.

So two kinds of writing and a fair bit of parenting. Since I also read a bunch and made chicken curry, I'd call that a full day. I'm tired! Now bath with baby, followed by a bit of reading in bed. 'Cause I have to know what happens to Tally...

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