It feels a little…

It feels a little strange to be talking about writing again, after all the months of pregnancy/baby posts. :-) But it feels very good to be writing again. A few days ago, I met up with Jed in Los Gatos and read through what I'd written so far of the YA fantasy novel, starting to see where I went wrong and got stalled the last time I worked on it. There's good stuff there, I think, though also more dreck than I usually have in my first drafts. And then yesterday, we met up in Mountain View and I actually managed to revise that chunk of 24,000 words enough to feel okay sending it out to a writing group (of pretty experienced and published writers). I'm a little apprehensive, because I do still think it's one of the roughest, rawest things I've ever sent to a writing group. Hopefully they'll be kind and gentle as they rip it apart. It needs some ripping, I think, but that doesn't mean it's easy for momma to take.

And it turns out the DesiLit here in the Bay Area already has a writing group going, yay, so I don't need to set one up. This is good. I'm going to bring them my nonfiction book, which is in much better shape, but which I apparently need encouragement and deadlines to complete.

I wasn't sure there'd be time to work on writing this fall, with the baby. And this weekend we move some of our stuff into the Oakland place, and get it set up, and then next week Kevin will be very busy with the start of his program, so for the first time, I will really be primary caregiver, so writing may have to take a backseat again for a bit, at least until we both get settled there. But still. It's nice to get going again. Feels good. Feels right.

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