I was having a low-key…

I was having a low-key but nice birthday until about half an hour ago, when I got home and discovered that I'd somehow like an idiot managed to leave my Treo in a cab. I have no idea which cab or cab company. Tomorrow morning when the offices open, I'll call the fifteen cab companies in Chicago and ask if it's been turned into their lost and found, but I have little hope.

The PDA was a gift from Kevin's family last Christmas, and I loved it. Just today I looked up an address I needed on it, read some journals of friends while waiting for Venu to meet me, made a few notes towards a journal entry of my own, played a few hands of Solitaire, took a photo of the cafe where I was hanging out, and of course, actually made and received several phone calls. It was so useful. And pretty.

I shouldn't be trusted with nice things.

Sucky end to the day. :-( :-( :-(

3 thoughts on “I was having a low-key…”

  1. When I lost my belt pack on an airplane recently, it didn’t turn up. :^(

    However, when I lost my Treo in a cab a few years ago, it did! So maybe yours will too. Here’s hoping!

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    It’s not a stupid question. Sadly, the ringer was turned off, due to being at an event earlier. We tried calling anyway for about an hour, but then called Spring to suspend the service, so that won’t work anymore.

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