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  1. Jim (of Tallahassee)

    Hey Mary Anne,

    I’m fairly sure that “The Grandparents” would love to provide anything you aren’t able to take with you; and don’t forget to take at least twice what you could possibly need on the plane.

  2. You’re very brave–the comments to your post make it all sound so daunting.

    Although i kind of think that that as long as there is enough milk–one way or another–you and Kavya will do just fine; a few extra burp cloths or the lack of them don’t have the power to make or mar a trip.

    It’s so sweet that you shorten her name to “Kavi” (poet). I know of too many Kavyas who unfortunately have their names shortened to “Kaavi” (beige/khaki colored).

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Kaavi means beige? Really? I had no idea. Yuck.

    But I’m confused — isn’t all this just random transliteration? How can the spelling actually make that kind of difference? I don’t understand language…

    Kaviarasi really should be KaviArasi (pronounced ka vi ar’ a si), if we were spelling it traditionally, since arasi means queen, and I think it’s actually kavyam (or kaavyam? or kavvyam?) that means poem in Tamil. We pronounce is kav ya ra si ’cause we like it that way; more flowing and mellifluous. But it’s not really correct, I think. It’s all so confusing.

  4. Speaking as somebody who likes to know how words sound when he reads them, what’s the difference in pronunciation between “Kavi” and “Kaavi”?

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