We’ve been going to…

We've been going to the park a lot lately, because the weather has been astonishingly perfect. Saturday, Kev and I and baby and puppy went; Sunday, Nilofer and Zara and Satya came by; Monday, baby and puppy and I went by ourselves.

On Saturday, Ellie spotted a bunny in a nearby empty lot, and desperately wanted to chase it -- much more frantically than she ever responded to birds, cats (which scare her a little), or squirrels (who up to now have been her favorite prey). We wished we could let her off leash to chase it, since she would have had so much fun -- and there was no chance that she'd actually catch the little thing. She is slow, compared to squirrels and bunnies. I am also slow, hence the single, bad, photo, before the bunny disappeared.

I got myself an ice cream at one point on Sunday, and Zara promptly demanded her fair share, which was duly granted. What princess wants, princess gets. :-)

This butterfly was glistening, and held very still while I took several photos; Kevin thought it might have been brand-new, and that its wings hadn't dried enough to fly yet. Lucky for me. I love the park.

One thought on “We’ve been going to…”

  1. LOVE that butterfly picture. Is that the original, or did you shrink it down for the web? Mail it to me?

    – Tim/Rad (@ HoloMUCK 🙂

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