No writing today, but is…

No writing today, but is okay. I spent a few hours working on my student's thesis, which is my last big commitment for Roosevelt; we had a good phone conference about it, and I think K's in good shape and will finish on time, which is a relief! I was a little afraid that baby would be so overwhelming that I wouldn't be able to do a good job as K's advisor this summer, but it seems to have gone okay. Now, if I'd had half a dozen thesis students, that might have been another story...

What's really impressive, though, is that I got a haircut and got my eyebrows done today! I love the haircut (keep the length, but please get rid of some of the weight of this thick mass, and if you could make my head look less like a triangle, that would be very nice). The sweet girls at Salon Blue very kindly didn't comment on how many months it has been since my various hairs have been groomed in any way. (I also shaved my legs last night, and trimmed my nails, removing all the old, very dead, polish, and colored my grey hair a fetching shade of auburn.) This is not part of any plan to seduce Kevin, because baby really is sucking up all that energy right now, just as many people and books warned me she would. I didn't really believe them, but it's true. Luckily, Kevin is also too tired to complain about it. :-)

I just got so sick of looking like a big old slob, shuffling around the house in huge tent-like dresses or even worse, nightgowns, just because they're comfortable. Having my masses of horribly tangled hair shoved up into a thicket of a ponytail. Being covered in layers of baby spit-up. Yes, I still shower every day, but that doesn't seem to make a dent in the stickiness -- or else it just re-creates itself so quickly that it's as if I never showered at all. I couldn't take it anymore; I just felt so gross. So finally, I took some time and groomed myself. And for at least a few brief hours, I felt much better.

Other than that, the main thing we did was pack baby in her moby sling and take puppy for a walk to the dog park. Much playing ensued, and we enjoyed the insanely perfect weather. If only all of summer could be like this, but sadly, it'll be beastly hot again by the middle of the week. Sigh. Still, we'll enjoy it while it lasts. It's nice, just hanging out with the family. And being clean. :-)

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