Hey. So a quick note…

Hey. So a quick note that I just joined a Chicago moms blogging group. I'm not sure how it'll go -- should be interesting, at least. The main point of relevance to y'all is that half the posts I do to their blog are supposed to be exclusive to them -- i.e., there'll be stuff I write for them that I won't post here. Those posts will all be parenting-related, obviously. The blog currently has about 20+ posters, and it's still growing, so if you're just looking for my stuff, it may be a fair bit to wade through.

So here's my question -- would you rather I:

a) posted a note here every time I posted an original entry there?


b) just didn't bother noting it, and figure that those of you who are interested will read the blog on your own?

Please vote, so I can better serve your needs in the future. :-)

7 thoughts on “Hey. So a quick note…”

  1. half the posts I do to their blog are supposed to be exclusive to them

    What’s up with that? (he said, thinking of several different things that might be up with that, ranging from silly to venal, but doing his best to keep an open mind)

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Oh, I think it’s a business thing — they get to advertise fifty percent original content when they’re selling ads, etc. I don’t get paid for this gig, which would normally have me turning it down, but I’m interested in seeing how it goes, and plus, I need something to get me writing regularly again.

    From reading the bios, all the other posters seem to be married, and many are stay-at-home-moms and/or live in the suburbs. I’m guessing they reflect the demographics of the readers. New audience! The Silicon Valley branch of it (much longer established), has several thousand readers. Since my own blog has, oh, thirty or so, this will be a nice change. 🙂

  3. Mary Anne.
    Just so you know, you can direct your friends to your “category” Mary Anne. All your posts will go in this area on Chicago Moms Blog!

    We are thrilled and very excited that you will be writing on Chicago Moms Blog!


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