Yesterday morning,…

Yesterday morning, my sister stopped by with a friend of hers from med school (in town for a wedding), who just happens to be a neonatologist. She very kindly took a look at Kavi, tested various reflexes, and pronounced her perfect. (Okay, still slightly jaundiced, but in a totally normal and not worth worrying about kind of way.) It was very reassuring, and she even left her e-mail address in case we had any further questions. You *know* we'll be e-mailing her. We'll try to keep it to reasonable levels.

And then in the afternoon, we had a very small party -- or, more specifically, a small open house, from 2-4, when about ten of our friends got to come by and see the baby. It seemed easier to manage than having them all come by individually, which would have been too tiring. It was very nice showing her off, and I got to tell the whole birthing, breastfeeding, etc. story once, instead of ten times. :-) A couple of the people there had never held a baby before, which I find kind of astonishing; aside from the babysitting I did as a teenager, there were always cousins around when I was growing up, and I was handed them to carry and keep an eye on for as far back as I remember. I used to sit in the rocking chair when I was eight and give my little sister Sharmi her bottle. (My mom breastfed me and my middle sister, but she had to stop with Sharmi because my mom got umm...measles, I think. Maybe chicken pox? Something that meant she wasn't allowed to nurse anymore.) Those friends who hadn't held babies before were so skittish, it was almost funny. But also a little sad. Everyone should have the chance to snuggle babies. (We did make them wash their hands.)

Today, Nilofer and Shashi and Zara stopped by in the morning, and snuggled the baby some. They watched her while Kevin went to pick up his mom from the airport and I took a shower; very helpful! And then they left, and I changed Kavi into a 'meet Grandma' dress (pictured right, with hibiscus flowers, which I love), and Kevin and Ann got back, and we all cooed over the baby. Once I finish pumping, we're going to put the baby in the stroller and take her to the park, because it's a truly gorgeous day out. I'm not quite up to walking the several blocks there and back yet, but luckily, we can drive. It should be really nice.

Grandma Ann meets Kavya!

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