Had a decent day…

Had a decent day yesterday; got a lot done, actually had enough energy to go out for dinner with Kev, David, and Beth -- we went to Sticky Rice (around 4000 N. Western), which is really excellent northern Thai food, with an extensive authentic menu. Highly recommended. I was sadly too full to eat much at the restaurant, because around 5 I had come home starving from my errands, to find that Kevin had spent the late afternoon in a cooking frenzy, making three different pots of curry to freeze for next week. (One Sri Lankan beef curry, one chicken tikka masala, one Thai green chicken). And rice. So of course, I had to try some, while adjusting the flavorings (everything needed more salt and cooking down, but otherwise the boy did very well :-). I did manage to eat a little bit at the restaurant -- the chive dumplings were very good, and the duck red curry with lychee was excellent. Both very rich. Now I want lychee in all my red curries.

I totally crashed while we were there, though; so tired! Came home around 8-ish, lay on the couch and watched The Daily Show while Kevin vacuum-sealed and froze the curries, then went upstairs and took a long, hot bath, very indulgent, with *both* milky bubble stuff and a sakura bath bomb from Lush. The water supported me beautifully, and for probably the first time all day, my back finally stopped aching. Usually a bath seems like too much effort, but for those of you in late pregnancy, I do recommend it. You can make someone draw it for you. :-) (I love the phrase, 'drawing a bath' -- I don't know why, but I do. It seems very olde-England). Fell asleep easily afterwards.

I ended up putting time stamps into my journal as I finished tasks yesterday, because I was curious as to where all the time went. As far as I can tell, I do tend to get things done pretty steadily over the course of the day, if you allow for all the big gaps, which are generally filled by cooking, eating, or reading. Often the last two are combined. :-)

I'm very list-oriented at the moment, sorry if it's annoying. Call it part of 'nesting'. New list for today:

  • paint over gouges (9:00 - done)
  • move craft supplies from nursery closet to hall shelving unit (1:30 - done)
  • pack bag for hospital (2:00 - done)
  • organize videos and clean hallway (5:00 - done)
  • winnow unread books (too many for shelf, and many are undesired freebies) (6:30 - done)
  • hang other small shelf
  • organize area at top of stairs
  • hand in final grades
  • finish Roosevelt admin work
  • finish thank-you cards for baby showers
  • order baby monitor, baby detergent, baby Tylenol
  • finalize VOR/Kriti finances
  • answer remaining Kriti e-mails (to panelists)
  • deposit Kriti checks
  • file taxes
  • file citizenship application
I don't actually expect to get all that done today. Half the list would be good. Even a third. We'll see how the day goes.

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    It was lovely — the lychee was so tender. They had the standard pineapple in there too, which gave it a good tang; I wouldn’t have thought that both together would work well, but they did!

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