Did reasonably well on…

Did reasonably well on the productivity list yesterday -- we did manage to clean/organize the nursery. I also did some of the admin work for Roosevelt (some still left, of course), washed and dried the laundry (still needs to be put away), and actually wrote for two hours or so in a cafe (Handlebar) with Jed. He finished revising a story, and I did some work on the nonfiction book. The vegan fruit crisp was good, and hardly tasted vegan at all, especially once I made them put real vanilla ice cream on it instead of the soy stuff.

Today, Jed'll come over at some point, we'll empty my car and I'll do a tiny bit of gardening. I should put away laundry and maybe clear out the tool closet so I can find my studfinder (yes, he already noted that I need a studfinder-finder) so we can put up some shelves. At some point, Kev and I go do car stuff while Jed watches Ellie; in the evening, a birthday-birthday-housewarming party. Should be a nice day. :-)

Side note: Nice entry with recipe for pizza, Sri Lankan-style. Mmm... He's totally right about Sri Lankans just dousing their regular slices in crushed red pepper. You can barely see my pizza for the red pepper some days. I want to try his!

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