We don’t really know for…

We don't really know for certain what date it was that Kev and I met, so our anniversary has always been a bit fuzzy. But sometime in early May, fifteen years ago, I went to Eckart to meet my roommate, and found her surrounded by a bevy of math geeks. And one of them was Kevin. Even on that very first day we met, I knew there was something I liked about him very much. We spent a lot of time together over the next few months, and by summer we were dating; with a few bobbles along the way, we've been together ever since.

Fifteen years (the crystal anniversary, apparently) seems a little unreal, but not nearly as unreal as the fact that we'll imminently be parents. So anniversary-stuff has been a bit subsumed at the moment. :-) But I did want to take a brief and belated moment to say Kevin's been incredible all through this at-times-difficult pregnancy, and if I didn't have him by my side, I'd be really terrified right now. I can't think of anyone, even a hypothetical anyone composed of all the best people I've ever met, whom I would rather have with me as we move into this massive life change of becoming parents.

He's my best friend, my rock to lean on, and a huge piece of my heart. Every single day I realize how lucky I am to have him. I love Kev more now than I ever thought possible, and astonishingly, for the last several years, that love does just seem to grow and grow each day. The poets were right. Amazing.

after fifteen years
one thing at least
is clear as crystal
I made the right choice
choosing you

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