Oh, yesterday was a…

Oh, yesterday was a weird day. After waking up at 1, I mostly occupied myself watching bad tv, though I did end up talking to Karina in Australia for a couple of hours (mostly just chatting about household stuff) which was a nice side effect of the lack of sleeping -- usually, it's pretty tough to coordinate our work/sleep schedules for talking. Around 9 a.m. I got restless enough that I went out and got groceries and Home Depot stuff; that took me through to 12:30, when I suddenly remembered that I had made lunch plans with Venu. She was luckily very patient with me (both that I was almost half an hour late for lunch, and that I was groggy and semi-incoherent through lunch). It was good catching up with her; we haven't had a chance to talk at all in months, I think. Good conversation, esp. bits about working moms vs. SAHM debates and the bit about Neil Gaiman. :-)

I somehow staggered through the rest of the day, increasingly out of it. I managed to stay awake until a reasonable bedtime, at which point, various unpleasant physical symptoms started acting up, threatening to keep me from sleeping. I took a Tylenol with codeine and conked out half an hour later. Slept like a baby and woke feeling more rested than I have in a week. Sadly, the codeine does leave me kind of groggy the next day, so today, I've mostly been doing physical tasks, like gardening or organizing the nursery, and haven't even attempted anything that requires a clear head, like taxes or grading. Which leaves a lot of taxes and grading for tomorrow, of course.

Dinner at Alex and Alina's, where we got a little taste of what our future holds -- they have a 10-month-old and a 3-year-old. Chaotic, but fun, and dinner was yummy (steak and roasted veggies and ice cream cake for dessert). The little one likes me, I think. She is very friendly and snuggly, and I was tempted to steal her away with me. Alina loaned us a book on the vaccination controversy. She (despite being a doctor herself) is pretty anti-vaccination for babies. Hopefully we'll find time to look at the book sometime soon. At this point, I have no opinion on vaccination for babies; I just don't know anything about the subject. Time to research.

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