Had a terrible night…

Had a terrible night last night; fibroid pain and v. little sleep. Saw an article in Pregnancy magazine in the doctor's office that said that when surveyed, 61% of pregnant said that what they missed most was a good stiff drink. They're crazy. I'm with the 29% who most miss a good night's sleep. Even after I finally managed to fall asleep, sometime after 2, I was up every hour or so to pee. How are pregnant women supposed to get any REM sleep at all? Doesn't it take a while to start a dream cycle? I am a groggy, exhausted mess today.

In my (interrupted) dream, I was hosting the keynote event of the Kriti festival at some random suburban cultural center where it was total chaos. On the plus side, Rabindranath Tagore was the speaker, so everyone was very excited. On the minus side, I couldn't remember anything he'd written, so I gave a terrible introduction. And someone walked away with our microphone just before the speech. And the catering folks were unhappy that everyone was eating the free snacks but not buying the one dollar samosas. Sigh.

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