Well, the weather didn’t…

Well, the weather didn't hold -- it got cold again! So no napping in the garden yesterday, but we did get it pretty thoroughly cleaned up, which was satisfying. We've started lugging stuff up, but it's heavy, so it's going to take a while. Plus, it's now freezing up there again -- we get a pretty good breeze on the roof. So buildilng projects may have to wait a few weeks.

In other news, the staged reading went reasonably well last night, with one flub -- we didn't put in the programs that there was an intermission, and some people left at the break, not realizing that the play wasn't over. Oops. It was also just a long piece overall, which is tough on a Wed night when people have to work the next day. But it was a good production otherwise, and I hope we get to collaborate with Lifeline Theatre again in the future.

Went to bed after midnight, woke up so tired still today. So taking it relatively easy -- just trying to check some of the low-energy tasks off the to-do list. We replaced a bunch of burnt-out light bulbs with new EnergyStar bulbs that will supposedly last seven years. We'll see. Signed up for childbirth classes. Hung some pictures. Now there's a quick revision of a short dialogue to do, then a whole mess of e-mail to handle, followed by a planning meeting tonight, then sushi with some of Kev's colleagues.

Busy vacation!

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