Hey, folks. So, it was…

Hey, folks. So, it was gorgeous here in Chicago yesterday, sunny and high 50's at least, and after an intense morning of Kriti e-mail work, Kev and I took the dog to the dog park. Was lovely to just sit in the sun and watch her tear around with all the other doggies. Afterwards, I peeled off to Filter to meet up with a student and try and get some writing done. Filter was too loud, and at some point, something started smelling like Windex and gave me a headache, but I made it through two scenes, and think I know what another scene will be, which is a solid amount to get done in a day.

If I can do that every day this week, I'll be happy. The actual writing is going so quick and smooth for this -- the only problem is that I don't actually have a plot yet, so it's all emerging very chaotically. Maybe organically is a kinder way to put it. We'll see whether this method has a better result than my heavy outlining of the last novel. I hope so.

I did have a terrible time getting to sleep last night -- I don't know when I finally managed it, but I didn't get out of bed until 9:30, so I'm having a very slow morning. All I've done so far is walk the dog and do an initial e-mail check. So right now, Ellie and I need breakfast, and then I have to mail out checks for DesiLit Magazine and answer a set of interview questions re: the Kriti festival for East West Magazine. Those are both urgent. After that -- we'll see.

Plenty of items on the to-do list, but what I really want to do is garden. I have some seeds to start indoors, which I'm a bit nervous about -- I've never grown things from seed before. Is it hard? Lobelia, snapdragon and moonflower all claim that they should be started inside now, so I bought some seed trays and seed potting soil, so I think I'm ready to go. Yes? I'm going to have to put different seeds in the same big trays -- have to figure out some good way to label them. Any ideas? I have a few seeds to sow outside as well, according to the packets: micro greens, sweet pea, and California poppy. Too early in Chicago? They say St. Patrick's day, as soon as the soil is soft enough to be worked...

If it warms up again, I may also spend some time on the roof cleaning up some of the stuff I didn't get to last fall -- digging out dead annuals and the like. If I can just remember which ones are annuals and which are perennials. And where did I put those bulbs again?

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