I adore George Takei. …

I adore George Takei. If I didn't have so much work to do today, I'd spend it watching old Star Trek movies in celebration of his wit, courage, and style. :-)

I tried to take yesterday easy, I really did, but I was feeling mostly fine, so it was hard to make myself stay still. Instead, I helped out while Kevin did manly assembly things. This is a bit odd for us, because I really like assembling furniture, so usually I'm the one who gets eagerly started on those projects and then I make Kev come help me when I realize that I really do need someone to hold the whosit while I screw in the thingamabob. Yesterday morning, he was lifting all the crib pieces and putting them together while I mostly sat on the floor looking pretty. :-) But in the end, we had a crib! It is very exciting! I will post a photo when the final piece (mattress) arrives and joins the assemblage.

Last night, we also finally got around to hanging the curtains in the living room. It made Kev nervous when I tried to climb the ladder with my bulging belly, so again, I mostly just handed him things while he went up and down, screwing and hanging and tying. Which is easier than doing the work myself, but less fun. I would've hated being a girl back in the day where you were supposed to let men do the interesting stuff all the time.

Now, exactly why we waited until the temperature rose to the mid-40s, instead of doing it in the weeks when it was at zero (or, better, even earlier) is a mystery. But after a year and a half living here, we finally have curtains in the living room, which a) look nice, b) block glare on the TV (recently moved downstairs, which may explain why Kev was finally motivated to hang the curtains), and c) will hopefully cut down on drafts in our living room and reduce our appalling heating bills. Fingers crossed. I would post photos of them, but I am too lazy. But for those who care, we went with the Reflections tab-top panels in 'vermouth', which is a little more blue-grey than the photo makes it look. Blue-grey-green and shimmery, with subtle vertical lines patterning it. V. pretty.

Today, it's all computer work all day. So, head down, get to it...

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  1. Jim (of Tallahassee)

    Thanks Mary Anne,

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, and much more effective than a rant.


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