Kevin poked around…

Kevin poked around online and found some current Sri Lankan women's names, but he isn't sure if they're Tamil or Sinhalese or invented. Anyone here know?

  • Chamari
  • Chinta (I think this is too close to Jacintha, my mother's name; she often goes by Cintha, which would be confusing)
  • Deepika
  • Harshini (Kev notes: "harsh" may not be a great nickname to have)
  • Kasthuri
  • Kumari
  • Minouri (also a Greek cheese)
  • Nelathi (Kev notes: I don't like the name Nell, which this could become)
  • Nelika (again, Nell)
  • Sunila
And of course, we don't know the meanings of any of these yet. I do kind of like Kasthuri and Kumari (though I have the vague feeling that 'the kumari' is some sort of Nepalese living goddess). I'd like the Nel-names, but I think Kev's right that they'd quickly become Nell, which I'm not so fond of either.

For those not following along in comments, the other main contenders right now are: Amara, Isai, Kavya, Mayil, Sarala, Tarani

I do think this whole process is much fun. One of my friends wrote in and said that she found it surprisingly stressful, but for me, I think it's much like the enjoyable process of naming characters in fiction, only more so. :-)

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