So, it’s Friday, which…

So, it's Friday, which means it's time to check another week off the pregnancy countdown. I'm at 26 weeks now, which means we're about two-thirds of the way through. It's hard to believe. One the one hand, there's still three months to go, which feels like a long time. On the other hand, we've finished more than six months already, which seems unlikely. It's all very strange.

I think I felt her kick yesterday. I'm honestly not sure -- the fibroids mean that they're all kinds of ongoing aches and such, and they're also apparently making it harder for me to feel her moving. V. annoying. But I felt this strange sort of ripple on my lower left side a couple times yesterday morning, and when I put my hand over the spot, I could feel the ripple movement on the outside too. Baby? Maybe...

Lakshmi asked me yesterday if I was enjoying my pregnancy. Umm...sadly, not so much. Too many bodily discomforts and too much stressing and fretting, I'm afraid. I'm not one of those women who goes around glowing and happy all through the pregnancy. Instead, I'm one of the ones convinced that there's something going wrong in there, pretty much all the time. Sigh. I know it's irrational, and unlikely, and I can't help it. Poor Kev has to spend a lot of time reassuring me that she's probably just fine, and reminding me that all the tests so far indicate that she's just fine. I am glad that we did tests. If we hadn't, I'm sure I'd be much more panicked about it all.

Baby naming is fun, though. Also buying pretty things for the nursery.

And overall, I do find the whole process fascinating. I mean, you read about it and hear about it, but there are all these tiny little details that maybe people just don't talk about so much? Or if they do, it's in pregnancy-specific blogs and books, which I didn't read before I got pregnant. So now I know all these small details, and I'm going through the experience, and in general, I'm enough of an experience-junkie that that in itself is almost enough to make it worthwhile, even if there wasn't a baby showing up at the end of it. I know, I'm weird. What can I say?

Are there uncomfortable / scary / difficult things that you would do (or have done), just for the experience of it?

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  1. I wanted to wish you congratulations on your pregnancy and sympathy on the aches and pains. I’m 39, getting ready to try to conceive again after two miscarriages in the past 15 years, also dealing with fibroids and other assorted concerns (asthma, for one) in addition to “advanced maternal age,” and sometimes the whole idea just seems so darn daunting. I was so surprised (shocked, even) to read that you were pregnant and already 20ish weeks along, but it’s been really nice to read your experiences with pregnancy (though I’m now terrified of how my fibroids will respond…) and know that it is, indeed, worth all the worry and discomfort.

    Hang in there… and I would love to read anything you want to share about your pregnancy experiences– especially the details you don’t hear about.


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