I should note that we’ve…

I should note that we've finally managed to put registries together -- after reading Baby Bargains from cover-to-cover, a strongly-recommended gift for newly-expecting parents. Hugely helpful, not so much in finding the cheapest stuff, but simply in sorting through all of what's out there and figuring out what's worth getting, and what's worth spending money on to get the better version. There's this massive industry trying to sell you all kinds of baby stuff -- it's surprisingly tricky, figuring it out without a good guidebook.

We've got two upcoming baby showers -- one in the Bay Area, with Kev's family and Susan Lee organizing, on February 17th, and one in Chicago, with my family and Nilofer organizing, on April 1st. If you'd like to come to either, please let me know. (Bay Area friends should have already gotten evites; Chicago folks should be expecting them shortly.)

And of course, even if you aren't coming to the shower, presents are always welcome. :-) We've registered at Land of Nod and Babies R Us for essential items -- we're also delighted to receive cute clothes, toys, etc., should folks be so inclined but I didn't put them on the registry because it seemed like it'd be more fun to pick those out for yourself. :-)

One final present thought? I could use suggestions for lullabies, ideally ones that are available for download from the iTunes music store. I'm told that if I start listening to music now, that same music will help put baby to sleep after she's born. So with that in mind, I want a nice wide range of lullabies so I don't go crazy listening to the same things over and over. Suggestions very welcome!

Also please feel free to offer general parenting advice. I suspect we'll need lots. :-)

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  1. When Lyra was six weeks old, my sister gave us a CD called “The Planet Sleeps,” which quickly became our naptime standard. Though we didn’t have it before Lyra was born, when we play it, she knows what it’s for, and it helps her fall asleep when she’s so tired it’s difficult. And after 9 months now, I’m still not sick of it, either.

  2. There’s a great lullaby song on the newest Dixie Chicks album, Taking the Long Way (the song is called Lullaby). And I also like the Peter Paul and Mary song “For Baby.”

  3. Whew! I just reread all of the posts including the offline portion. Even though it’s been 19 years since we went through the experience, your writing brings back alot of memories. Congratulations and best wishes over the next few months. Tell Kevin not to wait to the last second to put the crib together. They’re trickier than they look!

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