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[formerly private entry]

Oof. I think I've told this story enough times that I don't have the energy to tell it in proper detail again -- forgive me. But the gist is that I had bad abdominal pain Monday night, worse than in England, which got bad enough that we went into my hospital here, and they ended up admitting me and hooking me up to a morphine drip. I was in the hospital from Monday night through Wednesdsay morning, and am now feeling much better.

Their best guess as to what's wrong is that one of the fibroids is degenerating -- it's grown so big that it's essentially outgrown its blood supply and has started dying, which causes acute pain. It's not actually causing any damage to me or baby, which is a relief. They mostly can't do anything about it right now other than try to manage the pain, so that's the plan. They put me on a course of Indocen (to reduce inflammation and contractions), and switched me to Tylenol 3 (with codeine) to take as needed at home for pain. Hopefully that will be enough to get me through and I won't need to go back in.

No fun, but bearable now. I'm in moderately constant pain, but it's now of the pulled muscle intensity, as opposed to Monday night's knife through my gut, so a huge improvement. :-/

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