We’ve been having really…

We've been having really astonishing weather for late November -- around 60 or so, and it's just so lovely. It's supposed to last until Wednesday, after which it'll drop to a more typical 30 degrees. Guess we should be out and enjoying it while we can. Last night, we ended up going up to roof deck and playing with the puppy for a while, throwing her tennis ball back and forth. She's so happy up there; it's going to be tough for her when it gets too cold for us to hang out there with her.

Thanksgiving was lovely, if slightly blurry. :-) (Do you think my hair is getting too long again? I'm waffling.) We had turkey issues, but no one seemed to mind, and everything else was delicious. My favorites were my cornbread stuffing, this fabulous cranberry sauce with dried cherries and cloves, which is going to become a holiday staple, I think, and Sheelah's nummy pumpkin cheesecake. My poor sister brought a terrific sweet potato salad, really delicious, but she got called into the hospital to do a procedure just before dinner, so didn't make it to our place until we had finished dinner and were getting ready for dessert. I had room for a bit of salad, though. :-)

Oh, one domestic note -- I was searching for a soup tureen, and after failing to find anything I liked at C&B, Pottery Barn, etc., I actually found a great one at Kmart, totally unexpectedly --I had just stopped in there to get something to stick under a candle, and found this whole line of Martha Stewart Everyday Vintage china that I really liked. It's sturdy, affordable, and has beautiful nineteenth century ironstone style. I couldn't believe this lovely tureen was only $40 -- I ended up getting several pieces in the line, and used them all on Thanksgiving. My favorite was probably the pierced compote dish, which held the cranberry sauce gorgeously. The dishes went very happily with my cream china. Very satisfying, and a great deal. Recommended!

We've been having a pretty quiet weekend since then; Kev got back Friday, and mostly we've been reading, watching tv, playing Warcraft, and cleaning up from Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I think I'll start putting up Xmas stuff. Yay. :-)

Hope your holiday weekend is peaceful and happy...

6 thoughts on “We’ve been having really…”

  1. Greetings from DarkoverCon.

    When I saw you at SFRA in June, I was so glad your hair was longer again. So, in my opinion, NO! it is not too long.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Hmm…perhaps I should have noted that I am particularly interested in opinions from people who in general like both short and long hair on women. No offense, David, but I have a suspicion you might be one of those ‘always long hair’ types, which makes it hard for your opinion to be unbiased here. 🙂

  3. I don’t think so. My primary sweetie is a woman with hair that is only a centimeter or so long: a very short afro. And I have sometimes told other women that they would look better with shorter hair. Somehow, though, long hair seems to me to look better with your face.

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