One of my classmates…

One of my classmates from Utah got an NEA grant. I am, of course, envious, but also totally thrilled for her. I know her nonfiction better than her poetry, but they're both lovely, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what she produces next.

In a bit of unexpected fame on my side, Google let me know that a Sri Lankan has linked to some of my work as a way of protesting a radio ban on sex ed info. I am, of course, pleased as punch to be part of such a protest, although I admit to being a bit confused as to why he chose to link to "A Gentle Man," which has almost no sex in it. Ah well. Hmm...I was going to suggest that he link to the podcast of "Pieces of the Heart" instead, but the link appears to be broken. Heather? What's up with that?

Off to teach!

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