A few evenings ago, my…

A few evenings ago, my friend Satya stopped by and I tried to take some photos of her. She's a singer, and a group she performs with is about to come out with their first album. I don't know that any of the photos I took will end up being part of the album cover, but it was fun trying (although also very cold on our roof -- poor girl). I really would love to do more portrait photography, take some classes, learn how to do this properly. Someday, there will be time.

Satya's actually working with a professional photographer too, so she probably won't use any of these. But I am curious which of them y'all like best, for an album cover. She wanted something either very dark or very bright, moody, not smiling. I couldn't resist taking a few smiling photos, though, 'cause I think she has a great smile and laugh.

3 thoughts on “A few evenings ago, my…”

  1. I like satyashoot4.jpg as well, but I could see the actual album cover using a lot of Photoshop design and maybe only being inspired by this image. What’s the name of her group and why didn’t you link to their website? =)

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Partly because I’m a bad friend, and partly ’cause I’m not sure which group this is. She sings with the Matt Geraghty Project, but I’m not positive that this is one of their CD’s — I think it might be a new group. Rest assured — once it’s available, I’ll post more info. 🙂

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