It’s not that I don’t…

It's not that I don't love you guys anymore, I swear. Crazy busy this past week, a combination of mid-terms, grading papers, and job applications. Life should calm down shortly, I really think. Some highlights:

  • One of my students sent me e-mail saying that my Th night lecture last week was the best he'd had at Roosevelt :-)

  • Kevin came back safe from Israel, yay!

  • I read and definitely enjoyed Gaiman's Anansi Boys, though the protagonist's character arc seemed a bit too easy, in the end -- will I ever again be able to read a novel without critiquing it???

  • I finally got all my recommenders what they need to write me recommendations, and one of them turned it around in one day, for which she should probably get a medal; it means there'll be at least one very good thing there when hiring committees look at my file

  • I drafted and gave my first exam! (in the South Asian lit class)

  • Alex stayed with us for a few nights while in town for a conference; we were groggy and tired most of the time he was free, but it was still lovely to see him

  • I started re-reading The God of Small Things, which I'm teaching next in the SA lit class; on Thursday, we talked about boundaries and transgressions, which was a bit tricky, since they haven't finished the book yet; hopefully next week we can have more productive discussions

  • I graded and handed back my first exam, coming to the conclusion that I had made it way too easy, because no one got a single question wrong in the first three (of four) sections
  • I melted down with work exhaustion on Friday, so Kev and I played World of Warcraft half the day instead

  • I think I hurt myself playing the game; I woke up last night at 1 a.m. with sharp pains radiating down my left arm and shoulder. Kevin brought me Tylenol and made me a heat pack, which helped a little, but in the end, I was up for two whimpering pain-filled hours before it faded enough that I could sleep; scary!

  • Sharmi's Ryan is in town so we joined him and Mirna for tapas today; I love me some patatas bravas with spicy aioli

  • Right now, I'm sitting in Filter; in theory, I'll be revising my cover letter and my play this afternoon, though I'm pretty groggy from the lack of sleep last night...

  • Tomorrow, some kind folks are coming over to do a table-reading of my new play, so I can revise it before the Lark submission deadline

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