It’s snowing! I hope…

It's snowing! I hope this doesn't mean it's too late to plant bulbs -- I've planted the blue and white and purple ones, but still have the yellow and orange and red ones to do. Kirsten thinks it's funny that I plant by color, and not by type. I do notice type too -- I particularly love irises, and the scent of hyacinth, and how snowdrops and crocuses come up so early. But since my garden is arranged into different color schemes by section, and I do tend to plant a section at a time -- well, I notice color a lot. :-

The temperature crashed overnight -- we had gorgeous seventy-degree weather over the past weekend, and now it's in the thirties. Bizarre. Thankfully, we should be back up to 50s tomorrow and sixties next week. I'm not ready for winter yet. I'm barely ready for fall.

Lakshmi came over for a bit last night and ate leftovers with me and kindly walked the doggy in the brutal cold. I still miss Kevin (who should be in Israel by now, if his flights went well), but is good to have friends to take care of you when you're sickly.

This morning, just finishing up Mr Biswas, and then finishing my grading. A long, long day ahead. But I'm feeling a bit healthier, and I have a pleasant weekend to look forward to -- Sean and Kira are going to be in town for a wedding, and they (and baby Miriam) will be staying with me. And brunch Sunday at Nilofer's with the brown gals. Should be v. nice. If cold.

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