So far, Elinor has been…

So far, Elinor has been mostly a sweetheart, easy as pie. We were a little worried at first, because she pretty much didn't eat for two days. But yesterday she ate a treat, and then Kevin had the bright idea of trying her on some yogurt mixed with shredded carrots (both supposed to be good for her), and she gobbled it all up -- when we mixed in some of her dry food, she ate that too, yay! She still isn't eating or drinking quite as much as we think she should, but definitely improving.

We're still not sure how house-trained she is. We've had a few accidents (hooray for easy-to-clean wood floors), but not too many. It's just too early to tell, I think, what with all the stress of moving in, not to mention the screaming baby. Today's a nice quiet day -- just the three of us, and it should be like that through the weekend. She does have to go to the vet tomorrow for a check-up, but hopefully that won't be too stressful for her. Other than that, lots of walks, lots of sleeping. She really likes sleeping. Much like Kevin. :-) There was a moment yesterday when I thought Kevin was going to have us go back and adopt Henry too -- he's worrying about that doggy. But it probably isn't a good idea, so we probably won't. Probably.

It's felt quite chaotic here for a while -- at least the last few weeks, what with birthdays and deaths and adoptions and start of school. I have a department meeting this afternoon, but other than that, it should be fairly quiet until Monday, and I can hopefully both rest and get caught up on paperwork and e-mail. That'd be nice.

She's not named after Eleanor of Aquitane, or Elinor Glin, or Eleanor Arnason or Eleanor Roosevelt. Good guesses all, though; they'd be fine, fine models for a young dog to grow into. For those still guessing, here's another clue as to where we got Elinor's name -- Karen Joy Fowler. (Not actually *from* Karen -- that's just a clue.) There have been lots of guesses on what else she's mixed with, from corgi to german shepherd to border collie. I still have no real idea. Luckily, I don't actually care. :-)

We have a doggy! :-) She's looking at me right now. I think maybe that look means, "Why do you have to type so loud? Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?"

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