Department meeting…

Department meeting today, and the temperature's dropped a bit, so the air has started to taste autumnal and it feels like school's starting. Exciting, unnerving, good. You'd think I'd be used to teaching by now, but I still get nervous and revved up before the first days, have trouble sleeping the night before my first class. I wonder if this will still be true in thirty years. I hope I'm still teaching in thirty years.

Yesterday was an long day of paperwork, but I got a lot accomplished. Churned through at least half of the urgent work I had wanted to finish before school started; I'm hoping to finish the other half tomorrow. I sorted papers, paid bills, photocopied postcards, applied labels with great assiduity. And I dealt with copier jams with reasonable aplomb, thinking at the worst point, "Thank god I don't have to do this for a living anymore." Amen.

One of the things I haven't had time to mention is that I'm stage managing a little staged reading by Rasaka Theatre. Last night was the first rehearsal -- rehearsals run through most nights to the production next week. Fun, hanging out with actors and listening to them interpret a script. Illuminating, for those such as myself interested in writing such scripts. Made me want to try acting too, of course, but I am wise enough to know my limits on that. :-) I did make my acting teacher cry in high school (and in a good way, thank you very much), but I'm pretty certain it was due to the monologue I'd written, not to any smidge of acting ability on my part. I'm just grateful and glad that I've gotten better at reading my work aloud; I'll be content with that.

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