Can you tell I spent the…

Can you tell I spent the morning churning through stuff I should've done weeks ago? Sorry you're getting it all in one big dump...

DesiLit Calls for Rapid Writers!
48-Hour Writing Challenge: August 11th - 13th, 2006

Think you can write a story, poem, or play in 48 hours? Here's your 
chance to show your stuff!

Contest Rules:
Contestants for the DesiLit 48-Hour Writing Challenge are required to 
register and pay their entry fees by Friday, August 11th, at noon 
CST; they will have the theme and bonus words e-mailed to them. (They 
will also be posted on the DesiLit site: Entries 
will be judged based on overall quality, use of theme, and creative 
but seamless use of bonus words. The 48-Hour Writing Challenge is 
open to all South Asian and diaspora writers.

Three separate categories will be judged:
1. Fiction (up to 5000 words)
2. Poetry (up to 2 pages typed)
3. Drama (up to 15 pages typed in standard script format)

Entrance Fee:
$10/$5 DesiLit members. Participants are welcome to enter more than one
category (add $5 fee per additional category).

More info, including extensive prize list, at: http://

Thanks for your interest! We look forward to judging your entries!

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