Three things: I had…

Three things:

  • I had an idea for a super-cool project that would be of immense help to writers everywhere. However, I need a computer person to make it happen. Specifically, I need someone who can put in several hours building a big database for me. They should also know PHP, I think. I would provide all the data (possibly with a team of more fabulous volunteers), and the site to host it, but I need the computer person to make it happen. If you can help, please let me know.

  • Bodies in Motion is actually truly out now, in trade paperback. Now would be an excellent time to buy it from Amazon, or from your local bookstore, or have them order you a copy. Remember, publishers love those first-week sales figures! :-) We're also still in need of those nice Amazon reviews, please.

  • Sent out Parts 1-2 of TA yesterday. Hoping to finish revisions to Part 3 by tomorrow. Writing all the time now. New schedule -- have full draft to Bob by next week Friday. Fingers crossed.

2 thoughts on “Three things: I had…”

  1. Hey Mary Anne, I just saw your post and figured I’d offer my help if you need it. PHP and MySQL is what my company specializes in and we do tons of custom programming, so your task would probably be a piece of cake. I’ll be happy to help you out in my spare time. I’m also in Chicago now, so we should hang out and catch up sometime!

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    John, this sounds perfect. If you have time, maybe we can meet up for coffee? I’m fairly free Th/Fri this week, actually. Just writing, but a break is always welcome. I live in Wicker Park, but can easily come downtown if that’s helpful.

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