Note: I am switching…

Note: I am switching from Pine to the Mac Mail program. This is a radical shift for me, as I have been using Pine (and its precursors) for more than a decade now. No idea how well I'll adapt to an offline program. We'll see.

It is prettier, I'll grant it that.

Right now, Kev and I still haven't figured out all the kinks (specifically, mail sent to the main account seems to be coming through fine, but a sub-folder is having some trouble). But I have faith in him. And I can always go pester Jed if Kevin fails. :-)

I haven't deleted mail from the Pine account yet, and won't for a week or so, I imagine, so no worries -- I'll still see things if you send them.

2 thoughts on “Note: I am switching…”

  1. ! You must be really desperate to avoid work. 🙂

    So what brought on the change?

    …You may be able to configure Mail to fetch the latest messages but leave the last (say) week’s worth of messages on the server; that way (a) if you accidentally delete something locally, it’s still there on the server, and (b) you can still check mail online from another computer if you want to.

    But there are pitfalls to that approach; in particular, if you’re not careful, Mail may not recognize mail that you’ve read on the server as new. You would have to do some experimenting to see just how it would work.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Mostly wanting a more visual way to organize my mail; the Pine folders just weren’t intuitive to me. This looks like it’ll be better.

    Also, I’m going to be spending gazillion hours on transit in the next week, and it seemed like a good time to churn through masses of backlogged e-mail.

    I think that if the next week goes well, I’ll be happy enough having it delete all the messages off the server as Mail grabs them.

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