Groggy, munchkins. Was…

Groggy, munchkins. Was out last night at the DesiLit rapid-fire reading (fun, but we need to publicize better), and then set the alarm to wake up at five, because I needed to do a fair bit of prep for the class I'm teaching this morning. 9 a.m. classes in the summer are perhaps a mistake. I'm pretty sure the students don't love being up this early either.

But it shoud be a fun class today -- we're going to talk about the boundaries of genre -- and hey, that means I get to make them read Jed's essay on genre and slipstream. :-) In this class, I'm requiring them to write one piece that is pure fantasy or sf, but their other piece can be anything with a speculative element. We'll talk about some of the possibilities today, as well are reviewing the differences between fantasy and magical realism. Should be fun. :-)

This afternoon, Lisette's dad's wedding. This evening, DuckCon in Naperville. Long day. Better drink some tea.

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