A few bits of writing…

A few bits of writing news:

The podcast I did at Blowfish is up -- see Episode 23. Heather interviews me, and I read the entirety of "Pieces of the Heart" (about 20 minutes, I think). Not entirley work-safe, I imagine, but that's what headphones are for, right?

Heather's review of BiM is up at Blowfish. She liked it. :-)

And I just heard that Catamaran will be publishing a short story I wrote a few months ago, "Counting to Ten." Which is not quite autobiographical, but could be.

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  1. Actually, the reading isn’t up yet — we’re going to be doing that as a separate stream (The Blowfish Literary Salon) once we have a few recorded and ready to go. But the interview part is up!

    That was way fun, Mary Anne! Thanks again for joining us! We must have you on again in the future!

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