Some good news for sf/f…

Some good news for sf/f writers from Publisher's Lunch:

*-- Little, Brown UK's science fiction and fantasy imprint Orbit will be extended to both the US and Australia. Publishing director Tim Holman will relocate to the US in July and will run all three units from here. The US imprint will be part of Little, Brown, reporting to publisher Michael Pietsch and launching in 2007. The US line is expected to grow to 40 titles a year within three years.

Holman says in the announcement: "I believe that there is a fantastic opportunity for a dynamic new SF/Fantasy imprint to thrive in the US, and I am hugely looking forward to working with my new colleagues. David Young's understanding of SF/Fantasy publishing has been a key factor in Orbit's success in the UK over the last ten years, and I am delighted that he and Michael have made this decision to launch the imprint in the US."

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