In other news, it’s been…

In other news, it's been a nice trip. I go home today, and perhaps it's a sign of how vacation-ish my time in CA has been that I've posted almost no entries. There's been a lot of reading (highlights: Eleanor Arnason's Ring of Swords (gender-bending sf) and Delany's Times Square Red, Times Square Blue (explicit sexual nonfiction forays). There's been a lot of good food (not spectacular food, since it was mostly cooked by me, but still satisfying). There was an interview at Blowfish, which should be up as a podcast soon, along with me reading "Pieces of the Heart."

There's been a party (Kam had a birthday, yay!), and a celebratory meal (Susan got her Ph.D., yay!), and just hanging out with friends (lovely dinner at Pireeni's, surprise lunch with Arthur and C.J., afternoon playing Boggle with David and Jed (they tromped and stomped me, but I whupped David's ass at Othello first). I haven't seen everyone I'd like to see out here, but I've seen most of them, and most of the ones I missed will be at WisCon next weekend. There's been lots and lots and lots of time with Jed, all good.

The teaching has been fun and has gone well; I'd love to do something like this again another year, if Kearny Street asks me back. I think the students learned stuff. We'll see what their evaluations say.

Most important, I got a lot of writing done. Susan Lee and Thida joined me and Jed for several writing days, and I powered through revisions to the first two parts of TA (almost done with those sections), and am optimistically hoping/planning to be done with this draft by mid-June. Fingers crossed. I even pulled out the nonfiction book and drafted some new sections of that. :-) It's lovely to be writing again. It makes me feel much calmer.

The main thing I haven't been doing is e-mail. I'm terribly behind, and can only hope to catch up in the next few days, once I get home.

And that's the news from Mountain View.

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