I’m still often getting…

I'm still often getting mopey in the evenings, but my days are improving quite a bit. The chaos in my apartment is subsiding (bills paid on time, closets mostly cleared out again, rather than threatening to drop cans of olive oil and boxes of light bulbs on my head every time I open the door), and my to-do list is getting smaller and more manageable. Last night, I actually finished the grading I had left to do for this morning, so this morning, I got to take it easy.

I woke up around 6:30, read journals and answered urgent e-mail, and then spent an hour re-reading Edward Eager's The Time Garden and puttering in my own garden. I repaired most of the damage from the freak hail storm of a few days ago, and with one more garden store trip planned for tomorrow morning, and a trip up to Devon for sari fabric next week, I'm hopeful that by the end of next week, everything should be planted, watered, hung, and otherwise settled in for a long summer of happy garden.

Today, teach until 8:30 again -- another long teaching day. But I have a three hour break in the middle this time, so I may go wander around downtown, do a little shopping. The weather's beautiful, so it'd be a perfect day for it. I need summer sandals, and I have a fifteen percent-off coupon for Marshall Fields. :-)

Alternatively, I may try to write then. Shop, or write? Shop, or write? I know which option would make Bob happier. Kevin too. :-)

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  1. I think The Time Garden was my first exposure to the word “thyme.” So I pronounced it like it’s spelled, with the same starting sound as “thin.” And I thus couldn’t figure out why that particular herb had anything to do with time travel. 🙂

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