Saturday evening: Had a…

Saturday evening: Had a bit of a frustrating time going to the seder, because Kev and I both got the address wrong (different wrong each) and had to drive home and get the correct one, making us an hour late and holding everything up. We were also fairly tired, and there were a lot of strangers there, and neither of us was quite up to dealing with it. But there was a little time talking with Kira and Sean and playing with baby Miriam, which was lovely, so I'm glad we went. It was also the first seder I've been to in more than fifteen years (I *think* the last one was either right before or right after I was dating Manny Jacobowitz in college), so I was glad to experience one again. I appreciate ritual.

Sunday: Don't remember. I think I slept and read.

Monday: Ditto, also caught up on e-mail and grading.

Tuesday: Took my class to the Art Institute to look at representations of gender in Renaissance paintings and representations of class in miniature rooms. I had fun, though I'm not sure they did. In the evening, I got picked up and taken out to the suburbs (Oakbrook) to a meeting of four book clubs, where I was the guest -- my first book club event, I think. It was fun, seeing them all walk in carrying my book. We ended up not talking about the book itself very much, which is a bit of a shame -- mostly talked about me, and sex, and parents, and being a writer. Which is also fun to talk about, but afterwards, I was hoping there wasn't anyone dying to talk about the actual book who didn't get to. Ah well. The event was beautifully organized by Paroo and her sister and her sister-in-law, who were all also interesting to talk to. The latter two live in the city, so I'm hoping I'll see them again at the DesiLit book club or elsewhere. A highlight of the event, along with meeting lots of other nice ladies, was running into someone who lived in my dorm during college -- a floor below me! She looked vaguely familiar, but I would have never been able to place her (or she, me) -- but I mentioned graduating from the U of C in 1993, and she put it together. Cool.

Wednesday: Woke up mopey, cleaned the house, taught my class, continued mopey, ended up not going to the play that we had tickets for. Just not a good day.

Thursday: And here we are today, with a full day of teaching, plus a photo shoot in the middle, because we're getting a creative writing promo photo taken. I tired. Tomorrow, rest and write.

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