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DePaul University's Asian American Studies Minor and The Foundation for Asian American Independent Media in conjunction with the upcoming 11th Annual Chicago Asian American Showcase 2006 presents:

"What's Wrong With Asian American Literature?"

Thursday, March 30th 7:00 - 9:00pm
DePaul University Student Center room 120B
2250 N. Sheffield Chicago, IL 60614

An in depth look at the state of Asian American literature today from the major Yellow Power movements of the 1960's to the present, the panel discussion will include authors from the first wave of Asian American literature, Frank Chin and Shawn Wong, along with authors from the latest wave, Don Lee and Mary Anne Mohanraj.


Frank Chin - the maverick author of such books as The Chinaman Pacific and Frisco R.R. Co (1988) and Donald Duk (1991) and one of the editors, along with Shawn Wong, of the seminal text on Asian American writing, The Big Aiiieeeee! (1991)

Shawn Wong - author of Homebase: A Novel (1991) and such works as the ground-breaking book American Knees (1995)

Don Lee - author of Yellow (2001) and Country of Origin (2004)

Mary Anne Mohanraj, author of Bodies in Motion (2005), will moderate the panel discussion


This event is co-sponsored by DePaul University Department of American Studies, Anthropology, Art & Art History, Latin American & Latino Studies, the Office of Diversity and the Dean=B9s Office of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

For more information on FAAIM or to see a complete listing of festival events visit: The Foundation For Asian American Independent Media:

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