Just heard that I’ve had…

Just heard that I've had a paper accepted for SFRA, "Using Speculative Fiction to Explore Gender (and Other Identity-Based) Paradigms." Which I think means I have to write a paper. But the conference isn't until June, so I have some time. Anyone else thinking of going to White Plains in June?

I'll also be at ICFA this coming weekend, on a panel about "SF Criticism outside the Academy." I don't think I'm expected to write a paper for that one, but I should make some notes, at least.

4 thoughts on “Just heard that I’ve had…”

  1. I cannot imagine getting a paper accepted before it is written. Even when I have been invited to submit a paper somewhere, it has been refereed after I submitted it. Is this a difference of customs in different fields?

  2. Well, this is accepted for conference presentation, not for publication. They often accept papers for conferences on the strength of an abstract. I don’t know whether that’s true throughout the humanities, or even through English — it may only be for pedagogy papers and/or sf, which are the areas where I’ve done this before.

  3. I see. Most of the conferences I attend have contributed papers. Anyone can contribute one of these, just by providing an abstract. I suspect that if and when the number of submitted abstracts exceeds the number of available time slots, something like your field’s protocols will be adopted.

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