Note: The following is…

Note: The following is a publication edited by the students at Roosevelt University in my online magazine publishing class. It is not a paying market, but we will be eternally grateful if you send us something good. The themes ('urban' and 'spherical objects') make it fun. Surely you have a story about marbles in your trunk?

We're not a genre-specific market, but we're certainly open to genre work (including reprints) Please spread the word around; I'd really appreciate it!

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Michigan Avenue Review (deadline 3/15/06)
(a 'for the love' market)

Every new artistic endeavor comes with a new challenge. We'll tighten those challenges. Each online issue of Michigan Avenue Review will be themed...specifically themed...very specifically themed. We may want all submissions to in some way relate to pine cones. Or perhaps ice cream. Maybe a paperclip? So send us your best, and make sure they are directly or adjacently attached to our choice theme in form and/or content.

Spring: The spring issue will focus on urban matters. Any creative and provocative work with an urban focus, overtone, flavor, smell, or sprinkle will be considered.

Fall: The fall issue's theme is spherical objects. From cheese puffs to atoms, marbles to planets, send us your finest spherical work.

- fiction, nonfiction, dramatic scripts (up to 3 pieces, each no longer than 10K, attachments in MS Word format) -- hypertext welcome
- poetry (up to 5 poems, attachments in MS Word format)
- art & photography (color or bw, jpg gif, or bmp formats, minimum resolution 300-600 dpi)
- movies (mpeg, avi, wmv, or mov format)
- music (mp3 format)

We wil respond to all subs by e-mail by May 1, 06. Submit to: Please do not send sim subs; previously published is okay, with specifics of prior publication. All published artists will receive a CD-ROM of the issue in which they are represented.

Publisher: Mary Anne Mohanraj
Deadline: March 15, 06

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