Hey, I have a question. …

Hey, I have a question. How much do web designers cost? Or, in clearer terms, what's the cheapest we could get someone to fix up the DesiLit site, make it a cleaner, more attractive version of what it is, easily updatable? Are we talking $100, $500, $1000? (i.e., do-able, possible, totally out of our league).

I'd also really like to register it as a separate domain (i.e., not part of my account) and have a webmaster to handle it, but there's no way we can pay someone on an ongoing basis, so we need volunteers for that. Thoughts? Help? It'd be fairly minimal work, I think -- maybe an hour a week on average...

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  1. I have designed basic, cost-effective web solutions for nonprofits, educators, and young writers and artists and charge between $700-$1500, depending on what’s needed, but you can find designers who charge less as well. (And before you ask, I don’t have the time to do the DesiLit site right now.)

    Let me know if you need designer recommendations.

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