So, about to exercise…

So, about to exercise and then head up to Madison to help celebrate Karen's birthday. I'm running a little late, because the WisCon participant survey form took me two hours (!). Still, glad I did it, glad it's done. With any luck, I'll have a nicely packed WisCon, with perhaps a reading or two, a party for the SLF and my book, meetings galore, lots of panels, and perhaps an academic presentation on S. Asian fantastic literature. Should be fun. We'll see what they give me.

Other news; a Sri Lankan publisher contacted me saying they were interested in publishing the book there. I'm very pleased; hope they can work out the details with HarperCollins in a manner satisfactory to both parties. Also in publishing, Locus is going to interview me at ICFA. Fun.

The marketing/publishing life is going well. Now, if I were just actually writing more... I've blocked out four hours to write on Monday. We'll see how that goes.

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