came out to hear a…

came out
to hear a queer
brown girl read
to a room full of dykes

she in her red
tank top, brown arms
just muscled enough

I wanted to touch her
skin, slide a finger along
the bones of her face
something I have not wanted
from a girl for quite a while

I have been content
with my boys

watching her sway
on that stage
I wished that you
would walk down that dark street
through that painted door

would bend down
long blonde hair swinging
kiss me like you meant it
with warm and urgent lips

even though
I broke up with you
even though
if I hadn't, you would have
broken up with me

I am convinced again
that breaking up with you
was one of the biggest
I've ever made

I close my eyes
wait for your kiss
that will not come

wanting to be kissed
for the dykes in that room
to prove I am still
one of them

and for other reasons

3 thoughts on “came out to hear a…”

  1. Mm.

    I like this for a whole lot of reasons.

    Being bi when you’re older and settled, whether you’re poly or not… it’s odd. It just is.

  2. Perhaps poetry is not your forte? I propose you spend more time perfecting the masterpiece that is the Tree of Fire and Rain. Get MOMA on the horn. Youre a real Renaissance Woman! Move over Kiki Smith

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