my city…

my city rises
silver-grey, luminous
steel and concrete towers clad
in morning mist
crumbling old stone edifices
lent a renewed gravity
and the birds!
an exaltation of onyx wings
chanting glory, halleluiah
as they ascend

Monday night, Satya came over and we talked about setting some of my poems to music, turning them into songs for her to sing. I would be so excited if she did that. We went over some possible candidates, and then she took them home to ponder. The most likely seem to be some of the love poems, but we'll see. She's in the midst of shifting her life, from doing web design for a living to becoming a singer-songwriter. I really hope some of my poems accompany her on that journey. :-)

The poem above I wrote mostly in my head yesterday, as I was driving in to work. I'm glad I remembered to finally write it down.

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