Had a good day…

Had a good day yesterday. In addition to making a decision on the dieting thing, I made a whole mess of other resolutions. Six of us met at Nilofer's for munchies and life planning; we took the plans on to the Thousand Waves spa, where for twenty bucks you can spend hours in their hot tub, steam room, and relaxation rooms. Only you have to be quiet, which we weren't so good at. Then Satya and Sophia had to peel off, and Nilofer, Sujata, Lakshmi and I finished up over a long, lingering dinner. I got home past 10:30. Really pleasant day, although I then had trouble falling asleep because I was so energized over all my resolutions (and the start of school this week).

The resolutions are divided into four categories. For me, that's Writing, Professional and Volunteer, Personal, and Interpersonal. Some of them are perhaps unreasonable -- Under Personal/Financial, I had a goal of saving $10,000 this year, which Kevin thinks is pretty unlikely. Well, maybe, but I want to try. I've never saved a significant amount of money in my life, and now that I have a real salary, I don't feel like I have so much excuse for it.

A lot of them are work-related (like finishing my novel, writing a play, stabilizing the art foundations, having a weekly group writing day at a cafe, etc.). But some are actually about not working. Because last year was so insane, and I don't want to go there again. There's Interpersonal ones about calling friends, staying in touch, and I have a whole category of Fun/Relaxation, with actions like: take a day off every week, and go out to a play or movie monthly. Doing yoga with Lakshmi falls into both this category and the Health category; it's nice when there's overlap. Occasionally, some of the goals seem a bit contradictory. :-)

Anyway, I have no idea how well I'll do at actually keeping these goals, but it was nice to make the effort, and to do it with a bunch of friends, brainstorming ways we can help each other achieve our goals over the course of the year. Even if I only do half of them (assuming it's the right half :-), my life will be better. I think.

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