You may have noticed if…

You may have noticed if you're on various lists with me that I've instigated a flurry of activity around the SLF. This is partly out of my need to actually get this stuff done. But it's partly writing avoidance behavior. I need to get back to my novel, but I'm scared of it. I'm scared of going back in and messing it up worse with this revision. I still have this idea in my head of the beautiful thing it could be, but it seems like every time I aim at getting that down on paper, I miss and mangle it. Very frustrating.

Plan for the rest of today: Stop sending out kazillion e-mails. Go to the UPS store and mail some stuff. Go to the bank and deposit some SLF/DesiLit checks. Go to Walgreens and get toiletries. Go to the grocery store and get food. Come back and eat a snack. Read through Marjorie's crits on my novel, both her overall comments, and her line edits, which means re-reading or at least re-skimming the novel itself. Figure out a plan for approaching the revision. Make some notes. Exercise. Have dinner. Rest.

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