Of course, it doesn’t…

Of course, it doesn't help with the getting stuff done when you suddenly add a whole new set of tasks to your list.

See, last night, I thought was just going to hang out with old friends. I had spent the afternoon at Nilofer's, talking and helping her pack. Mostly talking. And then Kev and I went to Frontera, to join Tasos and Jerome for dinner. They're old grad student classmates of Kev's; we were all friends, back in the day. Tasos was our roommate for a while. He recently moved to Chicago; Jerome was just visiting from New York.

We got to Frontera at 7, where we were told that there'd be a two and a half hour wait. No problem; we quickly snagged one of the tables in the bar area, and had some tamales to tide us over. The boys had seven margaritas among them; I had water. A little after 9:30, we were seated, and merrily ate our way through four appetizers (ah, queso fundido, how little chance my diet has against your charms...), four entrees (admittedly, I could only manage two bites of my carne asada with fried plaintains, queso fresco, guacamole, and butter-drenched refried beans, then packed the rest up to bring home), and two desserts. We finished eating around midnight, sleepy but well-sated, and would have concluded a very successful evening of food and nostalgic conversation...

...only to discover that somewhere in all of that, I'd lost my wallet.


It was not turned in at the front desk. It was not anywhere we had been. Kevin still holds out hope that it was dropped and then kicked into a dark corner by the press of people, but I think it was just found and taken. Sadness.

I don't even grudge them the cash, y'know? If they had just turned the rest of it in. Now I have to cancel all the cards, get a new driver's license, and worst of all, get a new green card, which means talking to the INS, which is always scary. Sadness. Woe.

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