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  1. To elaborate on Zak’s comment: someone (presumably Zak) has syndicated Mary Anne’s journal at LiveJournal, so now anyone who wants to add M’s journal to their LJ friends list can do so by going to the feed page.

    Note to readers: that also means that you’ve got the same situation as applies to other LJ feeds with regard to comments: if you post a comment on the LJ version of Mary Anne’s journal, she won’t ever see it. If you want her to see a comment, you’ll have to follow the link at the top of the LJ entry, come back to her site, and post a comment here on her site.

    As I’ve learned from experience, some LJ readers will forget to do that, or won’t know, or won’t care, and will go ahead and post comments to the LJ feed anyway. So if y’all LJ people see someone doing that, can you post a response comment reminding them that Mary Anne won’t see their comment?

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