Sigh. My subconscious…

Sigh. My subconscious is winning. Or possibly my laziness. I didn't exercise yesterday. Very sad. Today, though, dammit.

My goals for 2006 are still pretty amorphous, but there's a lot of fixing involved. I.e.:

  1. fix my weight/stamina/health
  2. fix our humidifier
  3. fix our gas fireplace
  4. fix our home's energy efficiency
  5. fix our doctor/dentist appt's for the next year
  6. fix the PS section for BIM
  7. fix the SLF
  8. fix DesiLit
  9. fix my children's picture book
  10. fix my teeth/gums
  11. fix my novel
  12. fix the water situation on the roof
  13. etc.
Some of these things that need fixing are less broken than others. The SLF and DesiLit are not technically broken, for example -- there's just a lot of improvements waiting on my having the energy and focus to handle them. And some fixes are one hour tasks (like #6), some are a few phone calls tasks (like #2, #3, and #4), some are changing daily habits tasks (#1, #10), and some are, well, more extensive.

In the face of this, I find myself still in vacation mode. I did have a small DesiLit meeting with Sujata and Sophia yesterday, which was surprisingly productive for something so tiny, and we sketched out the plan for the next six months. And I've been slowly cleaning the place and putting away holiday decorations. I cleaned the microwave yesterday, which was good. But mostly, I've been reading and resting and watching tv and playing WoW. And I don't feel ready to go back to work yet.

Technically, I don't have to until January 23rd, when classes start again. But, y'know, there's this pesky novel to fix, etc. above, and so I really ought to consider the next two weeks working weeks, not vacation weeks. We'll see what happens. At least #1 and #10 should be put actively in play. So here's the small to-do list for this week:

  • every day, exercise 30-60 minutes, eat 1300-1500 calories, remember to take my synthroid
  • brush, floss, and use the nasty medicinal mouthwash that makes my mouth taste like tin twice a day
Ugh. We'll see how it goes.

1 thought on “Sigh. My subconscious…”

  1. Hey, tooth-wise: You know those Braun Ultra plaque removers? Yeah, they rock.

    I was a total skeptic and tried to get out of buying one, but we use them now and one of the considerations when we leave town is “dang it, now my teeth won’t feel all sparkly”.

    I mean, really, you know how when you come from the dentist and your mouth just feels so amazingly clean? Like that. Every night. Can’t recommend the thing highly enough.

    And my trick for keeping my calories down: Always have a water bottle near by.

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