After way too much…

After way too much craziness and time away, I finally had time to play a little WoW yesterday, while resting up. Someone said that they were playing Horde characters on Feathermoon? I have one now, Amirthi (Tauren shaman). Tell me who you are?

4 thoughts on “After way too much…”

  1. Zule, orc warlock, about 18th level on Feathermoon.

    I play on Alliance more as River and Lazuli. You’d be welcome to join our small but friendly guild.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Cool — I added your characters to my friends list (can you be friends with Alliance characters if you’re Horde, or vice versa?), and also have an Alliance character now, Serendib, a dwarf hunter. Both my Feathermoon characters are very low level still – 5-7.

  3. I should also tell you Kenny’s Alliance characters, since he’s on almost constantly. His main ones are:

    Dwarf hunters RULE. 😀

  4. We’ve got a Horde guild on Feathermoon, actually–Jenn and Mary Anne, you’re both more than welcome to join. If you don’t mind being Infernokrushers. (And no, MA, you can’t friend Alliance characters if you’re Horde. Sad but true!) But yeah, keep an eye out for Tiferet and Zannah and Zandru (all me), Wilberforce (Matt), Freybug (Heather), Hagge and Slaygood (Tim), and Kirpal and Ogilvy (Dave Moles). I don’t know how much I’ll be playing lately, but oh what a good study break it makes. 🙂

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