I didn’t manage to sleep…

I didn't manage to sleep all day yesterday, as intended. For some unknown reason, I woke at 4:30 a.m., and got up at 5. Which was just as well, because a friend called at 6 a.m.; she'd been up all night, v. distressed, and had been waiting for one of her friends to be awake so she could call. She had very good reasons for her distress, and I hope that next time, she just wakes me up without worrying about it. Not that there's going to be a next time. I don't want to infringe on her privacy, so I will only say that some men are horrible to the women they claim to love. I suppose that's true in reverse as well.

So we talked for a couple of hours, then she went to try to sleep and I stomped around furious on her behalf for a while. I took it easy, re-reading Bradley's City of Sorcery -- not one of her best, but some months back I started working my way through the whole series, both re-reading old favorites (like The Spell Sword and The Forbidden Tower, two of the best poly books I've encountered) and reading some of the ones I'd missed entirely. Now that the craziness is almost over, I have time to read again, very nice. Then at 1:30, I met some friends for a late and extended brunch (got home at 4:30), where we celebrated the good news that one of them is pregnant, and the baby is just fine. She's not young, so we'd been worried.

In the evening, I watched tv and assembled a sadly-needed tv stand. Generally easy, except for the bit where we had to hack a square out of the back for the cords, since it wasn't actually intended as a tv stand. That was tedious, but eventually finished, and Kev came and helped when I got tired.

And then I crashed early, around 9, and then I slept 'til 7, so I think I actually got about ten hours of sleep, so I'm caught up on yesterday's deprivation. Still tired, though. I need to do a bit of writing and revision today, and keep working on Vermont students, and run up to Andersonville to hand off some DVD's for Kriti, and return a jacket that I got Kev for his birthday that is sadly too big. So it's not a sleeping day. Maybe next week...

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